Sunday, April 3, 2011


So much to do so little time. This weekend was Veggie Night at FFW (awesome), Ian's birthday, Mothering Sunday, and the weekend I had put aside to try to pull Journey Planet into shape. Oh dear.
I met the Leader of Sheffield Council, Paul Scriven, at FFW and was rather taken with him. As the leader I have always liked the way he, or his minions, deal with letters and emails. It's nice to know that he's someone I'd be happy to have dinner with. He even laughed at Ian's jokes.

My lovely and accommodating sister, Sue, and her husband, Robin, drove me to the new allotment for a look round then took me to Galaxy 4 to buy a remote control Dalek for Ian. I'd decided what to buy weeks ago but didn't want to carry it home on foot and I'm far too tight to pay for a taxi. What do you buy for the man who has everything he wants and needs? As it turns out, a T-shirt from Questionable Content, an Atlas of Remote Islands and a Dalek.

This weekend was payday and the beginning of my new year's budget. Ow! It was the weekend we ate every lunch out, it was the weekend we found that Rita Rudner was playing in London in July and it was the weekend I looked through all the Margaret Mahy pages on Amazon. It was an expensive weekend.

There will be more words when Journey Planet goes away.

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