Friday, June 10, 2011

More bike stuff

Ian is getting quite grumpy with me for no good reason at all. Earlier on today, when I was searching for the article about the shockingly high level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from the Guardian, I came across the bike blog. As I couldn’t find the John Vidal article at the time (last week’s (environment) news and of no importance to the real world) I idly clicked on this article and then spent rather too much time looking at the videos (amusing), the article (sensible) and the comments (hugely diverting). Almost at the bottom of the second page of comments was a link to the Warrington Cycle Campaign’s Cycle Facility of the Month. Finally a reward for working my way through all the trolls. I so excited! There, right in the middle of 2007 is my route home (along Pomona Street). Of course it is nothing compared to some of the others. It made me LOL but not ROFL as some of the others did. I think I’d better stop now. After all, how many bollards, lampposts, bus stops and fences in the middle of cycle paths can you laugh at before you become jaded and just plain grumpy? As grumpy as Ian.

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