Monday, August 16, 2010

Back to work

So it was back to work with a vengeance today. Nose to the grindstone from 9 to 17.30 with five minutes for my PB sandwich and Questionable Content. Still, due to there being little to eat in the house I left on time so that I could get to Wayne's greengrocers before he shut, to purchase eggs and yogurt. I came home and opened the fridge to find half a monster yellow courgette (they get away so quickly if you don't pick them). It seemed a perfect opportunity to make potato and courgette soup. There were enough potatoes under the self-'seeded' potato plant in the garden and a lovely soup resulted from this garden bounty. 

Whilst wandering around the internet after eating I came across this somewhat alarming story about the end of the effectiveness of antibiotics. At work we had been talking about the upcoming wheat problems, and the potential for further recession under the austerity budget/s but had come to the conclusion that the world would not end this week. There do, however, seem to be an alarming number of bubbling problems. We will reassess the timescale for TEOTWAWKI after the October budget.

To cheer myself up I wandered onto Casaubon's Book for my regular fix of Sharon's good sense. She was writing about how few of us know how to cook from basic ingredients any more. I've been interested to see that there are organisations in Sheffield offering basic cooking courses. Many years ago I used 'The Pauper's Cookbook' by Jocasta Innes but in these vegetarian days, when I'm hungry but poor (back from the Fringe way overspent) I look into Rose Elliot's 'Cheap & Easy' which quite wonderfully provides advice on how to cut her family-sized recipes down for two or one lonely person.

All this was just passing time before going out into the dusk on a slug hunt but when I emerged by lovely neighbours were sitting out on their decking eating barbecue with a bottle of wine. I didn't want to interrupt their romantic meal with the squelch of popping slugs so I thought I'd blog instead.

It's very quiet in the house without Sally who has abandoned me and the Guinea Pigs for a trip to see her school-friends and Dad. Before I arrived home she had vacuumed the downstairs and the stairs, cleaned the bathroom and washed the dishes. I was dead impressed. I guess I have to keep it nice now.

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