Saturday, August 21, 2010

The penultimate Fringy day.

It's over a week ago and I didn't take notes so this will be a little sketchy. 
We only had two shows on Friday but they were once I was very much looking forward to. The first was Fascinating Aida at the Assembly Rooms.  If I could only go to one show this would probably be it. The girls are Adele Anderson, Liza Pulman and the truly fabulous Dillie Keane. They were only appearing for a week or I'd take the kids on the last weekend as well. The big room did not appear to be sold out although fairly packed and we sat near the back. Juilan, Ian and I were joined by June Strachan, my oldest fannish friend, and her boyfriend Nick Mills. 
We were told that Fascinating Aida had been asked by the Assembly to help celebrate its 25 years as a fringe venue. They were asked to provide a best of show, from their more than 25 year old back catalogue. I would imagine that this can be a little difficult for comedy songs. As the context disappears so, often, does the humour. I think the decision to concentrate on more recent songs was a good one, especially as their latest album is my favourite. Their shows are always good. Their voices are lovely, the 'dances' are amusing with Liza drawing the eye particularly, Dillie plays a spirited set on the grand piano and, of course. the songs are very funny. These are generally co-written by Dillie and Adele. Ian thinks Dillie is a comedy god and, for once, I completely agree with his pronouncement. In the hour they played three of my favourite recent songs; Lerwick Town, The Markets and Dogging. If you haven't come across Fascinating Aida before you should acquaint yourself with them immediately. Buy the CDs, DVDs, see the show. Don't let them retire again!

After queuing for ten minutes to escape the venue we made our way to Cantina Mexicana on Rose Street. This was excellent, freshly cooked yummy food and jolly nice cocktails. We, of course, ate far too much. Julian & I hung around after we finished while Ian took June and Nick on to their next show then we retired to the Dome to digest quietly whilst we waited for our 23.30 show. What were we thinking? I wanted to go to sleep. It was alright though. We finally trekked into the Purple Cow to see John Cooper Clarke. He's painfully thin and, like all of us, looking older but he was well worth staying up for. Julian was almost bouncing with enthusiasm. Well, for Julian. 
Ian has just looked up the jokes of JCC, most of which we heard on Friday. It was last updated 1998. It's good to hear familiar friends again. We particularly liked JCC's haiku. 
To convey one's mood
in seventeen syllables
Is very diffic

We put Julian into the car, happy but broken and ready to go home.

(As I was (slowly) writing this Ian has been reading out the jokes. He tells me that the site he is reading is advertising an upcoming gig in Nottingham, November 2005.) 

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