Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The etiquette of nakidity

Given that it's summer holiday time with lots of non-regulars in my home, we have issues of etiquette. 

Generally it's quite easy. I am allowed see Sally without clothes, she can see me in the same condition without embarrassment. Similarly, I can see Ian in all his natural glory. The permissions are not transferrable, however, which means that I am the only one of the three who does not need to worry about clothing for nocturnal loo excursions, which is rather relaxing (for me).

However, in the last few days there has been a plethora of young people in the house. Jack, my son, and Sally's friends, Amy and Jess. It's required being awake enough in the middle of the night to find my big purple dressing gown to avoid levels of young-person-horror that would lead to the destruction of all life on earth due to the intensity of blush levels. This has required a level of consciousness I usually try to avoid. I'd like to have an open discussion about the misguided prejudice for apparel (where it inconveniences me) but my concern for the continuation of the biosphere is such that I think their delicate consciousness requires me to be discreet. Never mind. They've all gone and I can revert to massive unconcern and semi-consciousness in the night. Hurrah!

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